I first had paesans in college in albany from the ontario st location. Your products are phenomenal!. Im hoping someday ull open a branch in sartoga springs, its still worth the hr drive to albany or latham to get your pizza.
Samantha J.

Moved out here from an area that is hugely populated with Italians…so the pizza places were all great quality. Once I moved to the capital area, I was highly disappointed in the pizza at EVERY pizza restaurant that I tried…until I tried Paesan’s, I actually like their pizza better then a lot of the places back home! (And their mottz. sticks are to die for too!)
Arden S.

Paesan’s Pizza in Latham never disappoints. Food is always fresh and hot and wings are the best.
Jeremy S.

Just want to let you know that my husband and I visited the new place yesterday for the first time and found it to be simply awesome!! We had lunch there and were quite impressed.
We are so glad that you have finally opened a store in Rotterdam because we live here and have always had to travel to your Colonie location. We love your pizza and your garlic parmesan wings and yesterday was no exception — they were fantastic.
The decor is beautiful. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Kelly D.

Paesan’s rocks with the wings and the staff are also very friendly.
Jeremy C.

Just wanted to let you know how delicious your food is. I order from you all the time and recommend your business anytime I can. Keep up the great work!!!
Leah K.

I don’t live within convenient driving distance of the Paesan’s Pizza area, but when I go to a friends house who lives nearby we ALWAYS get Paesan’s Pizza. It is thin and crunchy, perfectly spread with good sauce and the best cheese. When I first got it, I was expecting any other pizza on a Friday night. I soon realized it is now my favorite pizza!
John W.

I used to live in Albany and you guys had the BEST pizza!!! Now I live in Wilton (just north of Saratoga) and although there are several pizza delivery places here it is well known that there is just NO good pizza around here. Do we order it? Yes, if we’re starving and each and every time we say “NEVER AGAIN”.

Please please please come up to Wilton and put these clowns out of business!!! It all just @@@@!!! PLEASE….. we need you badly. One of my best friends moved up here as well and he was the person who introduced me to your pizza, HE’D EAT IT EVERYDAY if you were here!!! : ( We miss you. I’m BEGGING YOU.

PLEASE Come to Exit 15… there are 2 other pizza shops here but they @@@@ in my opinion. You would REVOLUTIONIZE Wilton (and Saratoga). Come up here and try the pizza… then you’ll KNOW!!!

Love you.
Miss you.
Snif :_( boo hooo whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Amy “no pizza” F.

Schodack needs a Paesan’s Pizza. All other pizza shops can’t compare with Paesan’s
Jeremy T.

My husband and I have ordered from EVERY pizza place in the area and you are by far the best!!! You always have our pizza ready or delivered within the time frame you quote, the people who answer the phone and who are at the counter are always friendly and personable, our order has always been correct and we have never had any food that we did not LOVE from you!

Times are tough for everyone right now, so getting a pizza for my family is a luxury at this point in time. So when we spend what little extra money we get on something we want it to be worth it. When we get food from you we know we are not wasting our money!

Keep up the good work!!!!

Your very happy customers,

Ida-Jo, Mark and Antonio S.

My wife and I got hooked on Paesan’s in E. Greenbush when we were dating. There must have been some magic in those garlic knots because now we like to bring our kids to Paesan’s in Latham where they can watch cartoons on the big screens while having the best pizza in the Capital District.
Billy L.

One of the best pizza places in the Capital region!
Nick B