I used to live in Albany and you guys had the BEST pizza!!!  Now I live in Wilton (just north of Saratoga) and although there are several pizza delivery places here it is well known that there is just NO good pizza around here.  Do we order it?  Yes, if we’re starving and each and every time we say “NEVER AGAIN”.

Please please please come up to Wilton and put these clowns out of business!!!  It all just @@@@!!!  PLEASE….. we need you badly.   One of my best friends moved up here as well and he was the person who introduced me to your pizza, HE’D EAT IT EVERYDAY if you were here!!!  : (  We miss you.   I’m BEGGING YOU.

PLEASE  Come to Exit 15… there are 2 other pizza shops here but they @@@@ in my opinion.  You would REVOLUTIONIZE Wilton (and Saratoga).  Come up here and try the pizza… then you’ll KNOW!!!

Love you.
Miss you.
Snif :_(  boo hooo   whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Amy “no pizza” Francis